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Welcome To The Transformation Movement Home Page
The Transformation Movement is a group of intercessors, seeking to cause a change in the spiritual DNA of Nigeria. People who have a vision to bring righteousness and godliness to Nigeria. The TTM achieves this by declaring October 1 of every year Day of National Transformation, a day when children of God all over Nigeria gather to fast and pray for renewal and social change in Nigeria. The TM also alligns with Transformation Africa to declare May of every year Africa day of Transformation.

The TTM also commits to presentation and publication of the "Agenda for Transformation document, which is 100 ideals for the reformation of Nigerian statehood. The TTM is committed to making presentations of the Agenda for Transformation document at every higher institution in Nigeria, and through continous training of future leaders.

The TM is committed to working together with the Church in Nigeria and elsewhere to bring true revival to Nigeria by the Holy Spirit. The Transformation Movement is anchored
upon Scripture (2 Chronicles 7:14) and 2 Chronicles 34.
TTM Vision Partners
Vision Partners of the Transformation Movement form the core of the leadership of the movement, and
have committed to fulfilling the injunctions of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and to live righteously and raise godly leadership in Nigeria. Vision partners have covenanted with God to use their God given resources to change the history of this nation through the transformation ideals of the movement. The pioneer vision

Partners are;

Revd George H. Ashiru, Coordinating Minister TTM
Revd E.O. Kayode, Deputy Provost, Grace Spring Bible College
Pastor Femi Agbolade, Pastor of Jesus Centre Church,
Pastor Gideon Akindele, President of Singles Congress
Ms Evelyn Obahor, UK based Christian Missionary and broadcaster
Mrs Dolapo Akinyombo, Christian Missionary and member of Ultimate Love Foundation
Elders Pepsi & John Ofotuku, LSDPC Complex Business Fellowship
Mrs Remi George-Ashiru, Head of Ultimate Love Foundation
Brenda Ogbebor, Head of Choose Life Project of The Sports Prayer Group

Rev. George H. Ashiru
The Transformation Movement

Contact Information
The Transformation Movement
B12, LSDPC Complex
Adeniran Ogunsanya Street
P.O.Box 3229 Surulere
Post Code 101014
Tel: +234-1-4342267

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